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Recipes and Bread

Hi Rachel just bought and read your book over the weekend. Loved it. I was wondering are then any cookbooks in particular that you use a lot, and where in Timaru do you buy your sourdough bread? . I live in Waimate so pop up to Timaru now and then. Looking forward to your reply Adrienne

Hi Adrienne, Thank you for your question. I am really pleased you liked the book. We have some great recipes on our website that you can print off for free I post a new one up each week I also like to use "older" recipe books or traditional type recipes that use basic ingredients. I am working on a recipe book at the moment that is goo free! Even with easy bread recipes. Soughdough or other type of Breadman breads can be bought from health food stores and some New World Stores. The Four Seed and Dinkel are other favourites. March 09 in the supermarkets there is even some Freyas Bread variety that are goo free. Artisan Bake, Garlic, Sourdough, Ciabata, Cheese and Baguettes. They use the fresh compressed yeast. I don`t think the flour is organic, but would be the best I have seen on the shelves, as no added "GOO"! Obviously making your own is best and cheapest, but this is a good back up. All the best. Cheers Rachel


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