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itchy baby/neocnate formula

9mnth old on neocate for reacting to egg, dairy, wheat, soy, fish, nuts, gluten, also inhalent allergens, dustmite and cat. she eats pear, apple, peach, root veges, lamb and beef, baby rice, rice crackers and vege/rice pasta. she is getting itchier and itchier, it is very, very, very, painful to watch. and exhausting to manage. i have tried so many things, and everyone knows of some miracle cure (none work for us so far) why will yours be any different?

Hi Allie Firstly I do know what you are going through and I can only show others what I have learnt in healing our baby, so I am not promising anything. However one thing I do say, it can`t be doing any harm to anyone by eliminating chemicals from your diet and healing with natural foods, inclusive of saturated fats. Secondly there are no pills or potions involved, what I have discovered I believe is the simple TRUTH to many underlying modern diseases. Sadly what you have told me so far is that I do know that the formula your baby is having could be a contributing factor with getting "itchier", as there are Corn Syrup Solids as one of the main ingredients, which is an excitotoxin, which can trigger varying reactions to young and old alike, eczema and food allergies being one of them. The trouble being the longer these type of triggers are being consumed, the more we can react to real food. Once you find out the truth and heal correctly I believe (and now many others) are experiencing there is no such thing as a true allergy.........they are man made, by our synthetic type of food. The hardest part is getting it in your head, as what I believe quite simply is to get rid of FASLE foods and HEAL with SATURATED FAT (something of course we are told not to eat). My book Jenna`s Journey explains more, You are most welcome to call me to discuss further, as now you will be wondering where do I start?? Definately food for thought........?? Cheers Rachel


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