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pregnancy and allergies

My son has reactions to the major allergens ie. soy, wheat, nuts, fish, dairy and egg. I am planning another pregnancy and I am determined to avoid having another child with allergies. The advise I have had from allergy specialists is to avoid eating these food groups during the last trimester of my pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding. I feel this is a bit ridiculous (what is left to eat!) My gut feeling is that an organic preservative free diet is the best approach. I understand that the above foods are the most common allergens because the protein structures of these foods have been alerted through cross pollination and other forms of processing. Therefore if I eat raw nuts, organic wholemeal forms of wheat, raw dairy products, organic eggs etc, would these be considered safe foods? I'd really appreciate any advise you may have. It's hard going against the common advise out there. Just want to make sure I'm doing the right thing!

Hi Roz, I don`t know if you have read my book Jenna`s Journey but I feel this is a good place to start to find why so many people are suffering with allergies and many more modern diseases. I personally believe whilst pregnant or not that we need to get rid of the excitotoxins, MSG`S etc which is described in my book, as these are hidden in many products. Real foods including saturated fats is what we need more of, including in pregnancy. Its actually really simple, we as a society have just made it really complicated. We have actually made food the enemy, and it definately doesn`t need to be this way. Cheers Rachel


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