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heart disease

Hi Rachel, I really thought your book was fantastic and very inspirational. I am very enthusiastic about implementing this diet but I'm having a hard time convincing my husband! He struggles with the concept of eating high amounts of saturated fat. He suffers from crohn's disease and his side of the family has a strong history of heart disease. He is worried this diet will put him at greater risk. How can I argue the fact that saturated fat is good for him. He thinks we should be eating food that is approved by the national heart foundation. But these foods often contain preservatives. Do you have any further resources I can show him about the benefits of saturated fat. Also - we live in Nelson - do you do any seminars / food trails in this area.

Hi Abbie, Thank you for your email and I can completely understand your dilema and how your husband is feeling too. We have been conditioned for so long that saturated fat is bad for us and we live in FEAR of what it can do with our heart etc. The only way for this to go is firstly does your hubby really want to know more? Then if he does, to understand we must read the other side of the story by becoming INFORMED. In my book there are some very good references with saturated fat; is one. Then there is lots more in there what is actually causing/contributing to heart disease and other diseases. I have now had many clients (can no longer keep up with all the testimonials) that have come off cholesterol medications, blood pressure pills and have healed their bowel complaints (especially Chrons) by following these simple principles from Jenna`s Journey. Think of it like this: we live in a low fat world, but are becoming sicker and fatter younger and younger and heart disease and cancer have increased. Yet the blame comes down to "supposedly" saturated fats like butter, lard, dripping, coconut oil, etc. But funny enough we can not buy fridges anymore with butter conditioners (because most people now use margarine), the young generation have never heard of "dripping" and its often found in the pet food isle of the supermarket (so obviously its a big seller????). We need to keep it simple, if we do that we become well! The hardest part is getting it in your head! I will eventually get to do a seminar up your way, as I am passionate about telling the TRUTH. Once you hear me speak, you then know it is the truth.......your husband may think so too. Having no FEAR only becomes about when you take control yourself. All the best. Cheers Rachel


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