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Is my daughter still allergic to these foods?

I too have a daughter who is very sensitive. She had bad eczema from 3 months (she is now 11mths) and it has taken these last 7-8 months to get on top of it. It is still lingering behind knees, but generally she is heaps better. I believe thought that there is still something going on with her, and was so glad to read Jenna’s Journey. She had been waking up to four times a night, with cramping type symptoms, getting sweaty and clammy, and not settling well. I had my daughter skin tested and that showed she was allergic to milk, eggs and potato. We have completely avoided those for about 6 weeks now. Generally our diet was pretty good…. Or so I thought. I consumed a lot of soy – not any more – and MSG, well we didn’t eat much but we still ate it. I am now following your guidelines and to be honest feel heaps better after only a couple of days. What I still would like to know, and no one has been able to advise me so far is: if my daughter is allergic to milk, eggs and potato, can I eat these things? In particular I would like to eat/use butter and cream. I am still breastfeeding her. The last two night she woke only one and two times – yey. I would be grateful for your advice about the milk, egg, potato thing and can’t wait to check out your recipes on the web site at lunch time. Many thanks Sheree

Hi Sheree, I`m pleased you have got something from my book. There is no such thing as TRUE allergy, however allergens are a result of the synthetic foods/drinks/pills and potions we are now having. This then makes us react to REAL foods, thinking that this is the problem. The more this happens the more REACTION we will have to the so called allergies. Once you have got rid of the "goo" I would introduce real butter, this would be the first dairy to introduce, then the cream. I wouldn`t go overboard with it initially. I would add potato again with the butter. If you daughter has had vaccines, egg can be a problem as they can often use a form of egg in the vaccine and this mixed with the hydrolysed gelatin (thats in some vaccines) can then make egg the problem. So I would leave this one a little bit longer and see how she goes with the other foods first. And when you do add egg again, just start with the yolk and a little bit at a time. If she reacts to any of these new foods, I would take it back out and keep trying a little bit each week or so, until her body recognises it as the REAL thing! Hope this helps. Any questions call me. Cheers Rachel


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