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I listened intently to your talk in Oamaru last night.I was partly convinced by your theories. I have angina, had four artery ops, outlived my father by 6 years who died of heart attack 30 years ago, my grandfather also died of blocked arteries, I am 74. I shall be trying to follow your regime as close as poss regarding healthy but high sat. fat food. I have a good raport with God and I believe our friend Jesus will not let me down. Even then I shall be called foolish by my many friends. Do you think I am doing the right thing? Extra exercise to counteract the extra fat intake is not so easy with arthritis & angina. Tony. PS, I'm sure my wife will benefit considerably.

Hi Tony, Thank you for your email. I can understand your concern. We have become fearful of what God has provided us naturally, as we have listened to man for so long. I became a Christian myself just a year ago, and what I teach is backed up by scripture. The fact is its SIMPLE, but our society today has made our life and our food very complicated, as well as very addictive!! Over 100 years we have been subtley tricked by big business`s who`s aim is POWER, PROFIT and GREED. Sadly this is affecting our nation`s health as well as many other nations. If you are not sure ask GOD. Most of our diseases today are man made, which means they can be reversed, so we can become a whole person; sprititually, physically and emotionally. However it does mean going out of your comfort zone.......but this is the only way we can GROW as a whole person. Hope this helps and God Bless. Cheers Rachel, WHOO HOO!!


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