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MSG, vinegar and coconut oil questions

Hi Rachel I have just read your book and have inspired to try this new "diet". But of course I have a few questions first. Regarding MSG... do you avoid tomotoes and mushrooms because of they contain MSG? And I've also read that broccoli, sultana's and grape juice have MSG in them too. What is the difference between natural MSG and artificial MSG? How can you tell whether Citric acid has been processed from corn? There are lots of foods containing citric acid. And on that list is also anything fermented. Isn't yoghurt fermented? I also thought that a little bit of fermented foods is good for you, eg miso? (organic). What vinegars do you use, if any. I have traditionally used Organic Apple Cider vinegar. What are your thoughts on this. And pickled foods, do you eat those? The last question seems a bit of a silly question, so don't laugh. I am interested in using coconut oil as a mosturiser, but how do you use it. It's solid. Do you melt it before you use it. I am sure that there will be more questions, I hope you don't mind me asking all of these. Thanks Daphne

Hi Daphne, I`m pleased my book has inspired you to try a new way of eating. To answer your questions, no I don`t avoid tomatoes. For those people who are super sensitive, especially whilst doing the detox period, its really important to avoid of course the "synthetic" MSG . Most foods do contain free glutamates. These are amino acids that are important for our body. However usually the more processing of the food, the more free glutamates will form. Some foods can have naturally occurring high free glutamates, esp in parmesan cheese and over ripe tomatoes, to name a few, something to be cautious with. However if you look at most bought Tomato Sauces, it contains "synthetic" source of free glutamic acid...... or MSG. These are the ones to avoid as much as possible. To help neutralise acids in foods, I always eat with a good fat. Eg tomatoes with avocadoes or butter. "Fermentation" of foods can also form more higher occurring free glutamic acid, so again those who are especially sensitive, are to be cautious, and I personally only have sometimes. Yoghurt is one I would have the most and vinegars the least. The vinegars to especially avoid are Malt vinegars. Again whilst doing the detox I would not have. I avoid all citric acid, as much as possible. If we didn`t over pasteurise our foods and drinks in the first place, most of these things would not have to be added. I also avoid all soy products, even organic. For flavour I use saturated fats, garlic, onions, etc. The food tastes great and doesn`t need anything else. Coconut oil is a great moisturiser, I just get some out of the jar, rub in my hands and put on my face :) Hope this helps and enjoy :) Cheers Rachel


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