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Boarding school food

hi, Looking at changing the food we eat after reading your book and attending your seminar. How do you keep your family healthy when they are eating boarding school food? Rachael

Dear Rachael, Its great you are looking at making some changes :) However you definately have got a wee predicament re boarding school food. Maybe you could ask to have a few different things, eg. blue top milk could be changed to pasteurised farm house, could look at getting butter rather than margarine, yoghurt could be changed to Clearwater Yoghurt which can be bought in larger quantitites re hostel. Contact details are on my website WHOO HOO products. Bread is a bit trickier re budget wise, unless they have a bread maker and you could supply ingredients, then it is cheaper and easier?? Obviously main meals maybe a little trickier but hopefully they are mainly meat and veggies. Breakfast option that is cheap and non time consuming is porridge and cream and maybe fresh fruit or some canned varieties. Or even a little bit honey to sweeten. Would be best to talk to the caterer and see if any of these things could happen. Remember if you don`t ask you don`t get :) Hope this helps. Cheers Rachel


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