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Maternal Diet

Dear Rachel, Congratulations on a truly inspiring book that obviously has quite a following. How wonderful for your daughter - being able to rid her of all allergies. It's a fascinating read. We've had tough road with our son of 18 mths who had major food intolerances, reflux and refused to breastfeed. It's only in the last month he has been able to tolerate solids and seems to be growing out of his problems. I have fallen pregnant again and advice from our specialists is to expect an increased risk of reflux and allergies in a second child. I'm determined to avoid this happening and my instinct tells me your recommended diet is the best approach. However all allergy specialists, midwives and even naturopath's that I have spoken to have advised differently with recommendations such as eliminating dairy, nuts, fish and eggs from the maternal diet and whilst breastfeeding. I'm torn between what is the best thing to do. I only get one shot at a healthy child. I know you have some great testimonials there and of course your own personal experiences but do you have any wider references/readings that you can point me in the direction of. With reference to how eliminating preservatives/chemicals/MSG from the maternal diet effects allergies in children. Thanks so much.

Dear Abbie, Its true there could be an increased risk of allergies, etc, but only if you have the "goo" in the diet. Each generation is getting affected by it more and more, because there is far more goo around than what there was 40, 20, 10 years ago! It is increasing all the time, unless us the consumer says NO to it. (by not buying it) Real foods will ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby. Eliminating REAL foods can make the problem worse. There are plenty of refs in the back of my book for you to research more. Keep it simple. Trouble is our modern foods have become complicated, so is causing complicated problems and therefore complicated answers and treatments. Which sadly costs complicated money :( Simple and common sense stuff works, but to conquor your fear read the many refs in the back of my book as well as throughout. My grandparents days, did not have the scale of our problems that we do today. They ate eggs, cream, butter, nuts, etc........but there`s was REAL! All the best. Cheers Rachel


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