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Organic confusion

Hi Rachel, love your book ! I do try and buy organic and free range food, but find to buy everything a little to expensive. Can you please give me a list of the things you really require to be organic so it can make my choices easier. Regards Amanda

Hi Amanda, Thanks for that. From my book you will have noticed that not all organics is safe (goo can be hidden here too). I try to buy organic fruit and veggies, as well as flour and free range eggs and chicken. My meat isn`t normally organic, but I get it fresh and from our butcher where the meat is sourced locally. I get raw milk from the dairy farm, so works out a lot cheaper. Once you know what to do, REAL food gets cheaper, and I still shop at the supermarket, just avoiding the "GOO". Our grocery bill including meat for a family of 5 on average is only $160. I have a Better Grocery Shop DVD if you need more help for $22.50 Plus I am working on my WHOO HOO tick label (to make it easier for people) and WHOO HOO bread will soon be available from New World Timaru, obviously would like this to go further afield, so watch this space. Cheers Rachel


Click here for a
Free business card size printable "GOO" list to avoid when purchasing foods/drinks, pills/potions and or personal care products.
Just pack it in your wallet and read all labels before you buy


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