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Soy formula replacement and severe allergies.

Hi there, I was given your book this afternoon and have just finished the book and I felt compelled to write to you. My daughter is 11 months old and has been clinically diagnosed through our local hospital with a wheat and dairy allergy. She has also had eczema since she was about 6 weeks old and she has had three allergic reactions to anything containing wheat. I also believe she has an egg allergy, but this has not been diagnosed. We knew she had a dairy allergy when she was given formula which was dairy based and since then she has been drinking soy formula. The Wheat allergy caused a minor (5) anaphylactic reaction. Currently she has a diet consisting of fruits and vegetables and meats along with soy milk formula and water or fruit juice. All her baby food is organic from the ‘only’ range, plus I cook her veges and freeze them for evening meals. She has no dairy or wheat in her diet, except she has been having orgran animal biscuits, which reading from your book is not good. My question is what do we replace the soy formula? Do you have any suggestions? As I am quite alarmed by the soy information. I myself have been feeling better not eating or drinking anything containing dairy. Your suggestions would be helpful. Kindest regards, Melissa

Dear Melissa, Thank you for your email and I do understand your concerns. Sadly when your daughter was diagnosed with a dairy allergy, the formula was dairy based, but its not REAL dairy, a lot of children especially have difficulty absorbing milk in the powdered form, it has been completely denatured and this eliminates the enzymes from the milk which actually helps us absorb it when its in its natural state. Then we get told to go on other formulas such as soy......often you won`t see a reaction whilst on this, but when introducing REAL foods, especially "protein" foods, such as eggs, breads and many others, they will then react to these proteins in food, because her wee body thinks that these foods are hurting her. The TRUTH is the "de-natured" foods are doing the damage, hence why so many people now have food allergies. The more the triggers (non-foods) stay in her diet often her food allergy list will grow and they can become more severe. Because she is 11 months old, she will be having more solids, which is great. Good quality red meats and fats are crucial in healing as well as an increase in vitamin c foods such as oranges and mandarins (this actually helps to neutralize the goo). Re milk wise if you can source RAW goats milk, that could be a good option, before you try REAL dairy. If you find it hard to source goats milk, often many find that a little bit of butter is a good test to see if she will react to dairy. If she doesn`t then ring round your organic stores for your nearest RAW dairy milk supplier, and again only try a wee bit initially. Even when buying organic baby food, you must read the labels as many still contain hidden sources of "goo". Especially extracts, spices, etc Once all the triggers are eliminated (including those orgran biscuits) you will find over time she will not have these severe reactions to REAL food. We are "goo" sensitive rather than "gluten" or real food sensitive. You will be feeling better not having dairy, because most of it is "goo". You can`t buy RAW milk (dairy or goats) from the supermarket, and there is only a few yoghurt options that are 'goo" free. Butter (cream and salt only) is a good place to start for yourself to also see how you feel, but again Jennas Journey message, actually is for all of us. Simply rid of the goo and heal with real foods and fats. Same applies when people get rid of bread, they feel better, again it is rare to find REAL good bread from the supermarket. Most contain "goo". This is what I am working on.......WHOO HOO bread is coming to New World Timaru, my plan is to get it nationwide, as well as many other WHOO HOO foods. This will make life a lot more pleasant and less complicated. I hope this helps? Cheers Rachel


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