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Advice for breastfeeding active mum

Hi Rachel I have been looking on your website, and also read a small part of your book 'Jenna's Journey' - your info looks excellent! I would love to feed my family good healthy food with no "goo"! I wanted to ask you a question, as you have been a breastfeeding Mum, and are an active person too. I have a 6 month old son, he is such a joy. I am 22 and fully breastfeeding our baby boy and he has just started on solids. I am wanting your advice, as I am training for a half marathon run in Sept. I have been running for the past 3 months, but am starting to really struggle with my energy levels! I always have oats/porridge for breakfast and have started sprinkling spirulina on it too. I try to eat regularly, but are not always healthy choices (eg, grab a few lollies if they are closer than say a healthy muffin!) and I have a bit of an addiction to hot choc now it is winter! I always choose wholegrain breads etc for lunch, and try have lots of veges with our dinner. What would your advice be for me, being a breastfeeding active Mum? I want to shift the last bit of 'flab' off my tummy and a few more kilos from my pregnancy too (the last 5 or so kgs are not shifting!!), so am trying to do a bit of Pilates/yoga to supplement my running. I look forward to hearing any advice you may have for me, as I know you have been a breastfeeding Mum too and you are obviously very clued up in the whole area of nutrition! I live in Oamaru, do you still run your nutrition classes? I had a friend who did them a year or two ago in Timaru with you. Kind regards Shelley

Hi Shelley, Good for you, its great you are wanting to go "goo" free. There is quite a bit to it, so I do advise you read my book, all the info is in there. I find by adding more saturated fats I no longer craved for sweets, so now find them easy to avoid. In my book you will notice that I eat good quality proteins from meats, dairy, eggs, etc as well as good quality animal fats. This gives me plenty of WHOO HOO energy that many of us seem to be lacking today. For example for my breakfast I have porridge with fruit and cream. I always like to add the fat with my meals. Most of our supermarket breads are not "goo" free, so I believe our staples are far from healthy. I have "goo" free option recipes on my website. New World Timaru however is just in the process in making a WHOO HOO bread, that is delicious and nutritious. Once this goes well here, then I am sure it will start in other new worlds. My aim is to ensure plenty of WHOO HOO choices will be available. Resistance exercise is another key to ensure muscle tone and strength, which helps burn body fat. Pilates is good, otherwise my Band Fit DVD is another good option that can be done at home. I am doing a nutrition seminar in Timaru 9th July, otherwise out of town nutrition seminars are now done by private bookings. All the best. Cheers Rachel


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