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Homogenised Goats Milk

Dear Rachel, I have just read your book after seeing your item on Campbell live. I am blown away by what I read. My daughter suffers from eczema and allergies to egg nuts and probably others as well. I have had my daughter on whole homogenised goats milk and am now worried about my choice to do so. I also had her on some soy products (for a few weeks) as I thought Dairy was the danger to her eczema. Now my thoughts have all been challenged and I am very keen to try your ideas. I wondered what you thought of Goat's Milk or does that also work the same as homogenised cows milk? My daughter (18 months) does always have a runny nose and always a cold especially in winter. We live in Queenstown. With the coconut oil - do you have a brand that is best? and can we as a family digest it on a teaspoon? Thank you for your help, Kind Regards, Kate

Hi Kate, Yes I was blown away too....... Goats milk is great but I think RAW would be best especially if she drinks a lot visit for more info. Ceres brand coconut oil is a good one, but any is ok as long as its just 100% organic coconut oil (deodorized is ok too). A teaspoon is fine to have, though the kids may not like the texture, so you could melt it down and put in veggies, or in a drink, etc. All the best. Cheers Rachel


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