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Not sure how to start as seems tough?

Hello Rachel, I have just finished reading your book ‘Jenna’s Journey’ and found it very interesting. Lincoln, my little boy, is 6 ½ months old and has had signs of eczema since he was about four months old but has got a lot worse since we started him on kumara and pears two weeks ago. I am still breastfeeding him so I have been trying a gluten/dairy free diet for the last two weeks as well. Since reading your book I am keen to try what you have done for Jenna but very nervous because it seems tough to avoid all those horrible chemicals. I have a few questions: The quantum xerroid system test that you had done on Jenna, where was that done? I am from Wellington so I’m not sure if I have access to it. Do you know if any good source for buying good quality foods in Wellington? Just really wanted to touch base and thank you for your book. I really hope I can get Lincolns skin better because it is such a concern to my husband and I – I just wish he had that baby soft skin that everyone talks about. Thank you Sharon M

Hi Sharon, I think the most important thing to do is eliminate all the chemical triggers (GOO) as much as you can, as I truly believe this will then make us react to REAL foods, like your baby is showing already. Many folk have just done this rather than detoxing from food groups and have succeeded. So this would be the first step.......otherwise I got mine done in Timaru, Northtown Nutrition 03 6844715 and you could ask if there is a person up your way who does it. Since all of this Jenna has never reacted to food, its just the GOO we avoid, which is important for all of us to do. To do this I would follow my recommendations on the detox page from bullet point three to start and see how you get on. Organic Green tea and or Ginkgo Biloba green tea I have found is a good beverage to have whilst breastfeeding, as has good antioxidants that can help neutralize the "GOO". I would avoid coffee. Dairy options that are normally ok of course is REAL butter and of course REAL milk from the cow as written in my book (obviously this is not recommended from our society). Then I have a x 2 WHOO HOO bread recipes that are on my website that you could try. I have started my own WHOO HOO label, so eventually will get up your way, in the meantime there should be some good organic shops up your way, otherwise the supermarket is still fine (I find New World best), but keep it simple and avoid the "goo" list. My message is a simple one, but yes I agree it is not an easy road, but believe me once you get your head round it, its well worth it in the long run........WHOO HOO!! I must say I think going "Gluten" free is harder than what we do. All the best. Cheers Rachel


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