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Baby Formula advice

Hi Rach, My sister in-law K goes to your church in Timaru and spoke to me about your book. As by dear wee 6 & 1/2 month old girl has developed Eczema after my milk dried up (around 4 months). I had to put her onto S26 Formula and so began some interesting Eczema development. My Husband does have it so I asumed it passed onto her genetically? It has been slowly spreading and I am concerned! However I am now doing my best to watch that everything I make for her (solids wise) is organic. But have no control over the formula (until she is weaned at Ayr!) I moved her onto goats milk formula (thinking it was better) however it seems to still have some nasties (or as you call it goo!!) I think. This is what's in it: (need your advise please)... KARICARE - goat 2 nutricia Goat milk solids (48%) Lactose (purified from milk - I don't know if it's cow or goat though) Vege oils Acidity regulator (citric acid & or Calcium hydroxide) Choline Taurine Vitamins (lots listed) Pantothenic acid B-Carotene folic acid biotin and a range of formula minerals What do you think? Have you any alternatives?? may have to talk to a specialist to get a special formula? (however one I have heard of that K used on her reflux kids was worth $100 per tin!! though she got a subsidy) Thanks sooooooooooo much for your advise keren

Hi Keren, Basically I believe that when we rely on science food wise, we can end up with some major problems. We all are genetically predisposed to some condition, but if the triggers are there (usually chemical orientated, and often in the food) then this condition can be set off. We had eczema in our family too, but got rid of it by completely changing how we eat. Remembering organic food is not always ok either (unless its straight fruit and veggies), you just have to check all food labels, as these nasty excitotoxins (or goo) are hidden in these too. I can understand why your wee girl is reacting to the formula.....the "goats milk solids" is also a form of GOO :( Obviously if she is eating well, then that is a great thing......encourage plenty of fruit, veggies and meats to get all essential vitamins and minerals as possible through her food, as well as more water. There are a few options, you can continue with the formula, and encourage the food and water ++ as you know she will not be on this forever, and as she gets older to wean off ASAP (by 12 months). However depending on her sensitivity sometimes the GOO can then make her react to REAL food, so this will have to be your call. There are many children and babies having these reactions to standard formula so then they are often put onto "hypo-allergenic" formulas and she may not react to the formula, but sadly many now are reacting to food, when they introduce this, sometimes resulting with very severe allergies. This is happening because their bodies are becoming more recognised to synthetic foods (these formulas are just not what mother nature has provided us), and hard for them to recognise the REAL stuff (and therefore reacting to the proteins in foods).........hence why so many children are developing food allergies :( If it was me I would keep up the solids and water ++ and opt for RAW milk (either goats or dairy) to see how she goes, a little bit at a time. A good test would be to try adding a little bit of butter to her veggies to see how she goes. Prevention is the CURE to most of our modern diseases. I hope this helps your tricky dilemma? Cheers Rachel


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