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Baby Reflux

Hi there My Mum suggested I have a look at your book in regards to my youngest daughter. Aliyah is 6 weeks old and constantly spilling, sometimes out her nose. She usually cries when she brings up wind and when she spills. I am taking her to the doctor on Monday for her 6 week check and immunisations and to find out if this is definetly reflux. I am not too keen on the medication she would be prescribed if it is reflux as she is fully breastfed so I can't just change to a thickend formula. This is child number 6 and I haven't successfully b/f since number 1. Everything is going well this time and I don't want to give it up but I feel like I am running out of choices. Anyway to my point. My Mum has said that changes in my diet may help Aliyah and as it is hard to get out with everyone and a constantly crying baby I am writing to ask if you do have information in your book that may help, before I brave town. Thanks for your time Regards Andrea

Hi Andrea, I think its very important you read my book before you go to the doctor :) It is only 88 pages long, so not too big a read. Medications should only be the last resort. I truly believe that by changing your diet will help your baby, as my daughter Jenna had major spillages, as well as diarrhea and severe eczema and allergies........what worked and healed her completely was doing a change in my diet (getting rid of hidden chemicals...GOO).......the earlier the better. Page 64 is the detox page, so just follow from bullet point 3. Any probs or further qns just call me. Cheers Rachel


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