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Does this diet always work?

Hi Rachel I am looking forward to your talk in Gore on Thursday. Just wondering whether you have heard of people who have done the Jenna's Journey diet & had no results. After reading the book I took my 3 year old daughter off vegemite & margarine which was the only GOO containing foods I could see she was eating. Since then her skin has actually got worse to the point where she is now on a course of oral steroids and she has also had immediate reactions to things she never reacted to before. I know stress is one of her triggers & I just wondered whether you knew of cases where removing all GOO didn't actually help. On the plus side I believe that changing my diet in line with Jenna's journey has had positive effects for myself & my 3 month old baby. Cheers Philippa

Hi Philippa, Most people do well. I have come across a couple of very sensitive children, these kids have been exposed to a lot of GOO in the past and have suffered from the accumulation effect (goo foods/drinks, personal care products, vaccines, meds, etc) and then have become very sensitive to REAL foods, especially high protein foods. They have become so used to synthetic type lifestyle. I talk about more of this on the night. You will also learn many remedies that can help MOST who have become very sensitive. One is organic Ginkgo Biloba Tea. (This is a natural GOO receptor), which just may help her. It comes as a herbal organic tea mixed with green tea, and you can add it to her meals. I bring many foods along to the seminar, so you can compare from the good vs not so good. Believe me GOO is hidden in many things. Your daughter does sound like she is quite sensitive, so is crucial to eliminate ALL triggers. More time is sometimes needed for the likes of your daughter, to slowly re-program her to adjust to the REAL deal. The younger we start this way, the better for all of us, to prevent the difficulties in the future. Basically no one is doing further harm by getting rid of chemicals. Looking fwd to seeing you at seminar. Cheers Rachel


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