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Cholesterol Medication

Dear Rachel Thank you so much for your article re cholesterol. Two years ago I was put on Lipex because my cholesterol was around 7 something and I developed knee pain. A sports Dr said he could not treat me as the pain was probably Lipex induced. I immediately went off Lipex and the pain went. My cholesterol has steadily risen and is now 7.1. HDL 1.21 with the ratio being 5.87 whatever that means. The Dr wants me to have some sort of pill to treat it although I am only in the moderate range according to the cardiovascular risk chart. I am 64 going on 65 just getting back into squash being 12mths out from a new hip. I am starting to run again and am doing some cycling. We have done away with margarine, cook with dripping, drink the purple container milk and use butter since reading your book. We have agreed to leave it for 3mths and test again. I did have a homocysteine about three yrs ago and it was about 10 so it appears that it is not too bad. The above is why I was keen to read this article. Thank you, keep up the good work. I am tempted to let my Dr read your article, I guess you would not mind. Kind regards Howard

Hi Howard, I understand your predicament. Cholesterol medication is the top seller, so I feel the system is for profit before people. Your body has already given you a sign with your knee, by being on this medication. I am quite happy you show the doctor my article. There is a really good book to read called the Cholesterol Myths, that is very science based by Uffe Ravenskov, to become more informed........all doctors should read this. Information is the key so you feel at peace with whatever decision you decide. Many of our complicated processed foods (made from science.....the GOO) are causing the majority of our problems. Common sense is also something we seem to have forgotten :( Cheers Rachel


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