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Hi Rachel My friend Sherry Elton has often talked of you. I have just been looking on your website and discovered that you call starch anything goo. By that do you mean it has msg in it or just poor food. I too have a daughter with bad eczema. She is 7 now. For the last few years we have been doing saturated fats and gluten free diets which has helped but not taken the eczema away totaly. Currently we are seeing a naturopath with success, her energy is coming back and skin getting clearer. However looking at your list I realise that I do use some things with starch in it - potato starch and corn/maize starch. Would you consider all maize products goo as well? Look forward to hearing from you. Jane

Hi Jane, Sherry is great! "Starches" often create synthetic free glutamic acid......or simpler terms MSG! Any triggers like this that remain in her diet (no matter how small) can keep her problems at bay, all must go. Often if these triggers stay in the diet, then we can react to the protein in real foods in particular. In my seminars I advise re getting rid of all goo triggers, healing with good quality fats and animal proteins. Plus for those who are more sensitive there are things to add to the diet that are called "goo" receptors, such as Ginko Biloba tea or green tea, as well as cumin (these are all very high in antioxidants.......A, C, E that help to neutralise the GOO or the excitotoxic levels from the MSG`s). Hope that helps. Cheers Rachel


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