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Cows milk for babies?

Hi Rachel I went to your seminar in Gore this week and I was just wanting to clarify that it's OK to give my 7 month old baby Meadow Fresh Farmhouse milk as her eczema is getting worse and she is only having cooked and pureed veges and fruit as well as S-26 Gold formula in her diet. She is now also getting a red and swollen looking face after her bottle which is what made me think it's the formula that is causing her allergy. I will definitely look into sourcing raw milk from someone in the area but until then is Farmhouse milk OK? Thanks for your informative and interesting seminar. Regards Hayley

Hi Hayley, Really important now to encourage plenty more good quality meats ++(especially red) and fruits and veggies (pureed soaked porridge is good for breakfast with fruit and butter, etc) in her diet and also a good dollop of butter in each meal, is what I do for all of our family.........from babies. Raw milk is definately the best and I would seek this sooner rather than later. However I think that the Farmhouse milk would be better than the formula. Plenty of water is also good. To help neutralise the effect from the goo, I would also add cumin to her diet or Ginkgo Biloba tea (Its called Ginkgo Plus from Planet Organic Brand), just brew the tea and add about 1/4 cup to her meals, 1 x per day to start and see how she goes. All the best and hope this helps her. Let me know how she gets on. Cheers Rachel


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