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Olive Oil and Carbs?

Hi Rachel, I heard you on Jimmy Moore's podcast show and i have a question for you. I was wondering if olive oil a monounsaturated fat is o.k. even though it's not a saturated fat or is saturated fat really that important? Also what's your thoughts on the low carb diet as i know Jimmy Moore is an advocate but i wasn't sure where you stand on carbs for energy as i'm currently not a low carber but eat banana's as my main carb along with salmon and broccoli as an example of my meal. Thankyou and WhooHoo !!! harry

Hi Harry, Olive oil is fine too, but I only use it for salads, etc, as it is not as stable to cook with at high and or long temperatures. I eat with varied fats that mother nature has provide us with either saturated or monosaturated such as: dripping, lard, butter, cream, raw milk, coconut oil/palm oil, nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocadoes, etc. My plan is not focused on weight loss......but for VITALITY, so I do eat carbs, but again what mother nature has provided us. Most of our bread and bread products from the supermarkets are not REAL, as they contain much GOO.......thanks to PROFIT before PEOPLE. When you eat REAL foods and drinks, everything just sorts itself, we have that balance back in our lives, it does not need to be complicated. When I eat REAL carbs, I always add a FAT......this helps to keep us full and satisfied so we no longer crave or overeat. Jenna`s message is for all of us ;) Hope that helps.......have a great day :) Cheers Rachel.........WHOO HOO


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