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Feeling and sleeping better and teflon question

Dear Rachel I really enjoyed your talk at Gore recently, and have watched what I have eaten since. What an amazing difference in my health. I didn't realise that I was continuing to poison myself with that awful goo. I would go to bed and not sleep for hours also have terrible muscle cramps in my legs and couldn't lie still in bed so would have to get up and walk around. Plus I'm not suffering the wind or belching all the time, I was allergic to many things but even the gluten free food that I was eating had msg in it (which you mentioned in your talk) How shocking, but am so glad I went to hear your talk and now I'm informed and can make changes for the better. So thank you so much for coming to Gore, Its been a great help to me. I now get a great nights sleep. I am now reading your book, and am keen to do a detox, am getting to that bit. One question I have is I was always put off breadmakers because they have a teflon coating on the bread pan, what do you think of cooking with that stuff? Regards Val

Hi Val, Pleased to hear you are feeling better. Yes Teflon is not the best, but our bodies can cope with some chemicals and detoxify, its just the many chemicals that we eat/drink and environmental that is the main problem. Breads that we buy from the supermarket (with all the added goo) is far worse than cooking in the teflon. Note, I have been invited to talk back at Gore early November. Cheers Rachel ;)


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