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Chemical Intolerance

Hi Rach Thanks so much for the info in your book and DVD. We are in the process of changing our diet and have advise that our son is chemical intolerant from an allergy specialist so we are rapidly changing our pantry (throwing out the gluten free food and the goo food). I have just watched your DVD and made a shopping list (thanks for your help there). I am however wondering what the brand of puffed rice is as I know my children will enjoy this for breakfast as I have 2 who will not eat porridge. I could see that it is Earth _______. I am pretty sure we cannot get it here as I have looked for a long time for a puffed rice. Thought I would approach some shops asking them to get it. Also wondering about the toothpaste - does it have mint in it or a minty flavour as I have a child who is sensitive to the mint? Look forward to hearing your answers. Many thanks for all your help. Leanne

Hi Leanne, Pleased you got some info that will be useful. Believe me we are all becoming chemical intolerant.....our bodies are just not designed for these type of foods or personal care products in particular (at least we can control this part once we know :) Just be cautious, even since filming the DVD, some have now added GOO!! Always re-check labels. Hence why I am working on my WHOO HOO choice label, so will be easier for our future, so companies just can`t change their ingredients once they are under my wing. I think the puffed rice is called "Mother Earth". You can get the Miessence toothpaste in lemon flavour. All the best and have a great week. Cheers Rachel


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