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Detox whilst training?

Hi Rachel I've had on-going problems and seen many many different specialists. Recently I've had Better Bods and Jenna's Journey recommended to me. Your discoveries and ideas make so much sense, I'm keen to start detoxing asap. My only concern is I'm competing (slowly) in my first Marathon in October, so my 5 week detox is the peak training period. I believe the detox will improve my performance and certainly help me to feel better. I am worried about what I can replace my Lepin Squeezies with - (read through the label this morning and discovered what I'm actually taking).I need to re-fuel every hour, or so, when on big training runs and on race-day. I do wear a camelbak and drink water, but I wont be 'racing' in this. I did think about bananas, but don't think carrying four banana's, then four banana skins is a solution either. Do you have any suggestions? Cheers Anna

Hi Anna, Thank you for your email. Most of our modern problems are related to our "modern-foods", which once you know can be simply changed, but obviously going against the grain, so this can make it more difficult. An easy fluid and electrolyte replacement is a simple drink you can make yourself and then obviously you can try and package it as what you do with your "lepin squeezies". 1/3 pure squeezed orange juice to 2/3 water and a good pinch of sea salt. Give a good shake, gets absorbed better than water alone. For other snacks you could try and parcel up scroggin mix with raw nuts and raisins and dried banana chips (cook in hot oven until crisp with a blend of coconut oil and raw honey). Maybe you could carry in a attached pouch of some sort? You will have to see how you get on, but you have carbs, protein and fats with this type of easy snack food, as well as an easy electrolyte fluid replacement. Hope that helps? Cheers Rachel


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