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Is Quantum Scan necessary

Hi Rachel, Firstly, thanks again for figuring all this stuff out - it really makes sense to me and the day after your talk I went and got your book... the next day I changed our gluten-free white bread to Breadman's sourdough - so nice to be eating brown again! Got the raw honey, coconut oil - dripping (my daughter loves it - even off the spoon - oops!), etc, etc so thanks, already a great impact. I'm wanting to start asap - I contacted the Quantum scan people - so you send off a strand of hair and a photo - is that the test you meant? Do you know why they want the photo? I thought I'd check with you b4 I went ahead as its quite pricey! How is that more accurate than applied kinesiology food testing? So - I'm sold on giving your 'diet' a go. Just a few qu's I have if you wouldn't mind putting my mind to rest: Re. not taking vitamin pills - the soil is so depleted of nutrients that even eating the right foods won't provide enough? They did a programme in the UK that revealed organic wasn't any healthier than non-organic - any comments? Do you have stevia recipes in your eagerly anticipated recipe book? When it says 'cream the butter and sugar' I don't know how to use it... or is that when I use honey... do you have tips for swopping amounts so we can use regular recipes as well - that would be really useful i.e. instead of 1/2 cup sugar use 1/4 cup honey or... etc. Is it better not to drink at meal times re. digestive juices being watered down etc? You use kelp - I stopped as it was gritty - any tips?! Sorry, you probably get loads of qu's so have tried to keep it brief. Thanks again, Caragh.

Hi Caragh, I have found many people have recovered without doing the quantum scan, so just follow the detox (page 64) from bullet point 3. This will save you a lot of money :) Be very strict with avoiding all the goo from pages 13 and 14. Including fermented foods such as cheeses (just for a wee while), vinegars, alcohol, fermented drinks, etc. Yoghurt like Clearwater's or Biofarm seem to be better tolerated. Great to hear your daughter likes the dripping. We need to have more faith with our food, it does heal, without pills or potions.......its worked for us as well as many other people. Science tells us a lot, but can be misguided, remembering they also say saturated fats are bad too. However I always say try without anything, then if not 100% after a few months, then look for the icing on top. Trouble today we put the icing first, before the cake has had a chance to rise, so we haven`t set a good foundation. Most farmers also supplement their stock with selenium, so we just need to drink the RAW milk and eat the stock, and we still then receive this nutrient. Basically we use sugar as a treat, for our baking we often use raw sugar or raw honey......raw honey is excellent, and doesn`t raise peak blood glucose levels like sugar does. Most recipes you can use raw sugar but cut back to at least 1/2 or even further. My recipe book coming has the required amounts, including how to make goo free meringue with raw sugar (and it works). Water and real juice at meal times is fine.......I suppose I don`t like hot drinks and especially caffeinated drinks are not the best at meal times because they inhibit iron and mineral absorption. We use many other seasonings now, especially spices (cumin, turmeric), which work wonderfully in meals for extra zing as well as many health benefits, as well of course as good sea salt and pepper. Hope that helps. Cheers Rachel


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