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Breadmaker bread not rising

Hi Rachel I have tried your bread recipe twice now and have been very careful to measure correctly, however although the bread tastes lovely, both times it has sunk on top. My breadmaker is a Breville and the instructions say (in bold print) DO NOT USE COMPRESSED YEAST. How can I get around this? Do I need to us dry yeast? I think that defeat the purpose. Please help. Robbie & Jill P

Hi Robbie, It took me about 6 or so goes to get it right, adjusting settings, etc. Often the first thing to do however is to add more yeast. All breadmakers say not to use fresh yeast but myself and many people,find it works, there is just not any recipes available for "modern" breadmakers and old fashioned yeast. By the way the oven recipe for the bread is pretty much full proof, if thats any help? Cheers Rachel


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