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Gall bladder questions

Hi Rachel My sister attended your seminar in Gore recently and having listened to what she got out of the evening (which is alot) it has made me think alot about the choices we have now as a family to when we were growing up - going back to basics is the right way to go. My first question is can you please tell me whether Lavish Soap have a shop in Oamaru where we can purchase their goats milk and almond soap or can it only be purchased via Betterbods. Second question. Earlier this year I had my gallbladder removed and still experience very regularly dietry upsets and complaints. My body does not seem to handle a lot of natural fats eg. milk and some meats, and sometimes it doesn't matter what we eat and how natural it is. We eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and I do not add packet flavourings to anything I cook. Do you have any suggestions or tips. Do you think that one of your books may be useful to me. I appreciate your help and look forward to your reply. Cheers Wendy B

Hi Wendy, Thank you for your email. Lavish Soap can be purchased in Oamaru Even though you have had your gall bladder removed it is still important to have good fats in your diet, and the liver still helps to digest good fats. However probably best to not go overboard with "dairy" fats. Butter usually is ok. I would avoid anything fermented, which includes cheeses, and be cautious of too much yoghurt. Other things are vinegars, etc. Your body will soon let you know what is best. Obviously important to avoid all "goo", which is better described in my book. You could see how coconut oil and or dripping goes.........just do it gradually. Hope that helps and all the best. Cheers Rachel


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