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Anaphylactic shock

Hi Rachel After meeting you in Gore I managed to remove even more Goo from my daughters diet, added in the green tea, cumin & turmeric & her skin has improved immensly. I then introduced butter into her diet & this seemed to be fine for a week but then I got a bit over confident & let her try some silver top milk at which point she went into anaphylactic shock ! She has recovered fine but it is a huge setback to my plan. Would you suggest that it is because she must still have goo in her system that she had this reaction or should I just accept that she is allergic & probably always will be & just appreciate that her skin is much better ? She has recently had a course of antibiotics (I tried to resist but she was too sick, managed to get one without aspartame though after much wrangling) and maybe I underestimated the amount of goo left in her system as her skin was looking so good. Obviously we will have to avoid all dairy including butter for a while now and also concentrate on working all the drugs she got given (steroids, antihistamine, ventolin & adrenaline) out of her system. I realise you cannot give me any kind of medical advice it would just be good to know your theory & thoughts and really just give me hope that if we continue the journey that it might all pay off in the end. Thanks Philippa

Hi Philipa, Yes its important to not overdo it,.......slowly but surely (especially if this is what her main allergy is/was). However when people are sensitive to the goo, they have to have the best. I wouldn`t have even given her pasteurised milk. Down the track I would try RAW milk. Butter seems to be ok, so once she is on the mend, I would try this first in small amounts, then gradually build. Meantime I would keep up other fats like dripping, etc. Time is a good healer :), as well of course keeping the goo away. Cheers Rachel


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