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Plan B Detox Menu (this can be a longer process 6 week period minimum)

For those who have severe allergies (I believe due to being over GOO`d) then it is important to take a more cautious approach before the healing can begin. Basically it is the same principles as Plan A (so please review), but often need to eliminate the high allergen foods too and then to slowly re-introduce from the least problematic to the most. The key I believe is not to introduce any GOO at this time or other chemicals including medications, vaccines or supplements, goo personal care products (refer to Liam’s story on my Success Story Page) to understand what they had to go through.
My objective is to let the body know that the GOO is the problem, but not REAL foods. The GOO tricks the body to think that the proteins in food are the issue, hence why some people have some severe allergies, but over time and perseverance, I TRULY believe and know this can be reversed if you stay on track with the principles.

Most allergies are from what I call the HIGH 5 protein group; dairy, wheat, nuts, fish and eggs.
Often an allergy test maybe needed.

•  If you have a dairy allergy then stick to Plan A , but instead of dairy I would use 100% coconut milk and or coconut cream. For cooking I would use dripping and or coconut oil. Also important to use other good fats; eg keep the fat on meat, eggs, olive oil salads, avocado, raw nuts and nut butters, etc.

•  If you have a wheat allergy then stick to Plan A , but instead of wheat (sometimes oats and cream is still ok), stick with rice dishes as your grain, but I would definitely avoid all gluten free products, as most have the GOO triggers still in them (like starches, etc), so then more allergies can arise. Corn or rice crackers (without any hidden goos, as per product page list) are fine meantime.

•  If you have a nut, fish or egg allergy then stick to Plan A , but avoid these foods in the meantime, but never replace with a chemical/science substitute, eg egg free powder, etc.


•  HOW: If you have a long list of allergies (Liam`s story on success page, had 53), then these too will have to be avoided and slowly but surely once all GOO has been eliminated for some time and the good fats and herbal white teas (high in antioxidants A,C, E) introduced to help heal the gut and neutralise the effects of GOO, then the least allergenic could slowly be re-introduced, as long as of course when introducing these foods, they must be the REAL deal as mentioned in Plan A . You cannot compromise with second best. From about week 6 this could start. Depending on sensitivity levels the time can vary on each case.


•  If when introduced there is still some reaction, then take back out and try again in a week or two. Continuing in the meantime to stick to the detox plan very carefully. For those who have major sensitivities, leave longer and you may want to try a little of the problem food on the skin first (lower part of the leg) to see if there is a reaction.


•  AFTER: Post detox and when their problem foods are now tolerated, then most people who have been this sick, find that they cannot be too complacent at all, and therefore try to avoid all GOO triggers as much as they can. Plan A is then their maintenance program.


PATIENCE and BELIEVING in the TRUTH will set you FREE . There is HOPE .

F ood


H eavens

Your curse will become a BLESSING, just like it was with our wee Jenna.............WHOO HOO!!


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Free business card size printable "GOO" list to avoid when purchasing foods/drinks, pills/potions and or personal care products.
Just pack it in your wallet and read all labels before you buy


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