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Plan C Detox Menu (4 to 6 + week period)

Again the same principles apply from Plan A (so please review) but tweaked slightly, including plenty of good quality fats and proteins (good meat proteins contain B vitamins, which are so important to help reduce raised homocysteine levels, which can be common in these illnesses). Folate is another important mineral to help reduce this. Many vegetarians are prescribed synthetic B Vitamins, because this is what they are usually lacking, by not eating these animal proteins.





*Porridge, Raw Honey, Cream

*2 to 3 eggs on 1 to 2 slice`s WHOO HOO toast and butter. Try to not over- cook the eggs, runny yolk is best. If scrambling I would add cream.

*Fresh fruit with cream ( esp fresh oranges or bananas, again good sources of folate)




*Baked kumara filled with butter, and salmon/avocado lemon juice, sea salt and pepper. Or other meat filling and avocado. Asparagus is good to add too as rich in folate.

*Fried rice veggies and meat cooked with butter or dripping.

*Meat and three veggies, roasts made with dripping and gravy made with juice of meat and organic flour.

*Soups made with veggies, such as kumara/potato/pumpkin/carrot/silver beet, with cream, seasoned with ground sea salt and pepper only.

*Lambs fry (without the bacon) is a fantastic Vitamin B12 source.

*Veggie wedges cooked in dripping and sea salt. Serve with a source of meat.

*More detox recipes in my WHOO HOO recipe book if needed



*Smoothies, made with cream, raw milk, raw honey and fruit. Can also blend/whip all of this to make ice-cream.

*Raw nuts and seeds.

*Fresh fruit (with or without cream)



*Herbal white or green tea

*Raw honey and hot water/lemon juice


*Raw milk

For older people who find it harder to chew, then best to puree meats and veggies, with good dollop of butter. Poached or scrambled eggs easier to manage also.

Once you feeling better and have a few more WHOO HOO`s added to your day, then Plan A is a great maintenance program.  


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