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Detox Menu A

Plan A; Detox Menu (4 to 6 week period).

However we (me and the kids anyway) stick to this type of menu the majority of the time, because it’s realistic, healthy, yum and the whole family can apply! A good maintenance program.




*Porridge, Raw Honey or Panela/Rapadura, little cream or 100% coconut cream/milk. I love LSAW on mine (crushed linseed, sunflower, almonds and walnuts)

*2 to 3 eggs on WHOO HOO toast and butter

*2 Slices WHOO HOO toast, with butter, raw honey and banana or 100% nut butter (almond, peanut)

*Fresh fruit with a little cream or coconut cream/milk

Fresh Juice or Fresh Almond milk can also be used as an alternative for cereals to give moisture rather than using dairy.




*Sandwiches/toast made with WHOO HOO bread, plenty of butter and choice of filling such as avocado, salmon and lemon juice with sea salt. Or nut butter and raw honey and mashed banana. Or cold meat such as (non-marinated/spiced) lamb, beef or chicken, with lettuce, avocado, salt and pepper only.

*Baked potato or kumara filled with butter, and salmon/avocado lemon juice, sea salt and pepper. Or fresh corn and salmon and avocado. Or other fillings as per below list.

*Fried rice veggies and meat cooked with butter , coconut oil or dripping

*Meat and three veggies (with a little butter added), roasts made with dripping and gravy made with juice of meat and organic flour.

*Soups made with veggies, such as kumara/potato/pumpkin/carrot/silverbeet, with cream, coconut cream and or water, seasoned with salt and pepper.

*Pasta dishes with veggies/meat/cream/coconut cream base.
*Home-made pies with meat(without stock), pastry made with dripping or butter or olive oil.

*Veggie wedges cooked in dripping or coconut oil and sea salt

More detox recipes in my WHOO HOO recipe book if needed



*Smoothies, made with cream, raw milk, or 100% coconut cream/milk raw honey and fruit

*Raw nuts and seeds and dried fruit

*Fresh fruit (with or without cream)

*100% natural popping corn cooked in coconut oil and sea salt

* Thinly sliced kumera/pototoes cooked in oven with olive oil, coconut oil with herbs and sea salt



*Herbal white or green tea

*Raw honey and hot water/lemon juice


*Raw milk and raw cacao with raw honey

* Coconut milk, raw cacao and raw honey

* Raw (unfermented) coffee (available on my online store) with cream and raw honey.

* Nice to add flaxseed oil or coconut oil to smoothies


Foods that are ok to eat;
(Note: can find more details of food brands on my WHOO HOO product page list).
Try to get organic whole foods when you can. But main importance is to get rid of the GOO, which we can control by reading food labels.

Animal Proteins:
Fresh lamb, beef, liver, fish (such as brill, gurnard, sole, non-farmed salmon or sometimes tinned 100% salmon and salt only ) and free range chicken, eggs. WHOO HOO sausages and fresh 100% mince are fine. Good quality RAW goats milk.
Butter (ensure just cream, salt and water only)
100% Cream (ensure not ultra-pasteurised)
Raw Milk (is the best and have to access from a farm, ensure the farmer drinks their own milk too) Legally allowed to purchase 5L from the farm gate.


Organic 100% coconut oil/cream (ensure no goos added)

Organic home made almond milk or home made rice milk.
100% Oats (organic best)
stone-ground flours (such as wheat, rye, millet, amaranth, spelt, coconut, buckwheat, maize)
WHOO HOO bread made with organic wheat stone-ground flour, dripping or olive oil (helps to digest the grains, and gives shelf life), raw honey, fresh compressed yeast, water and sea salt.
Organic flat breads (organic wheat or rye flours, sea salt and water)
Organic pasta is best or buckwheat
Long grain rice, brown or basmati
100% good quality legumes, such as kidney beans, chick peas, cannelloni beans, (organic is best) etc
Fruits and Veggies:
Organic (or spray free) and seasonal is best. However in particular ensure organic spuds and onions. If buying frozen again ensure 100% veggies/fruit as some sadly add goos to them.
Other Snacks:
Raw nuts, dried fruits (organic best or ensure no added sulphites 220 or oils), 100% popping corn, Ryvita crackers (ensure just rye flour and salt), Corn Cruskets (ensure organic maize and salt), Plain Rice Crackers (ensure just rice and good quality oil, not canola or soy oil.). Again organic options are best if you can.
Cooking Oils:
Dripping (beef and mutton fat), Organic coconut oil (non-hydrogenated), butter or ghee, extra virgin cold pressed olive oil, sunflower or walnut oils for salads.
100% nut butters with sea salt, like peanuts, cashews or almonds (organic is best)
Raw Unpasteurised Honey (retains all the minerals in its raw state and is unfermented)

Unprocessed Sugars:

Either rapadura/panela or raw honey are your new friends. Rapadura is rich in natural silica which is great for skin, hair and nails. Panela is known as the sweet medicine and contains natural glycolic acid which helps heal wounds (for diabetics). These are the real sugars that are actually good for you as are rich in minerals and vitamins.
Fresh and Whole is best. Good quality sea salt (Himalayan is very good) and freshly ground pepper corns. Fresh herbs rather than dried, and whole spices freshly ground is the best. 100% freeze dried is also very good with retaining nutrients.
Herbal white (best) or green tea (both loaded with natural A, C, E vitamins and are unfermented). Rich in antioxidants to help reduce the effects of GOO!
Raw milk and water. Or raw honey in hot water with lemon juice.

Raw unfermented/green coffee.....this is rich in magnesium and very absorbable magnesium, very different to regular coffee, so rich in antioxidants.

Raw cacao with raw honey and a little cream (as you new hot chocolate). Again being unfermented (not like cocoa) is rich in magnesium and zinc.
Take -a ways:
Unless you know exactly what is in it and how it is cooked then best to make your own fish n chips or chicken nuggets . Crumb your own fish with egg and whoo hoo bread crumbs or make your own batter with the organic flour, raw milk and egg, chip your own organic spuds then I deep fry in dripping..... delicious. Same with the chicken, free range chicken cut up, and dip in egg, and whole seasonings and whoo hoo breadcrumbs. Everyone loves these.

Post detox foods as a treat or the odd time: (again depends on sensitivity levels)
Home baking, try to opt for less sugar(raw honey is best to use when you can or rapadura or panela) and min chemical raising agents. Goo free cheese, yoghurt, stock, tomatoes,. Our wee Jenna has these things only the odd time, if she has too much her symptoms can re-appear. Obviously the synthetic goos are far worse, and she does get away with them at the odd party. But when she gets home I give her plenty of herbal white tea, raw cacao or raw coffee (rich in magnesium) and honey to help neutralise the effects.
When eating out try to pick the best whole foods you can, and ask to cook in butter if possible. When ordering salads I ask for olive oil and lemon for an easy dressing alternative.

Now have raw WHOO HOO chocolate made with raw cacao and raw honey and coconut oil........just how chocolate should be made, and its really good for you.

Foods to avoid are;
Meats/animal proteins ones are:
Cured meats such as bacon, shellfish, salami, corned silverside, luncheon meat, ham, most sausages, deli meats. No smoked meats or overcooked meats. No dried egg powders.
Yoghurt, Cheeses (esp parmesan)(due to more free glutamic acid) Margarine, Powdered Milks/Formulas/Protein Shakes, Homogenised Milks
I never agree with gluten free long term. As rice starch, potato starch, tapioca starch, pea flours, or any other " starches", etc are not intended to be used for long term bread uses . You need to ask why? Most of our daily bread is full of GOO, then sadly the wheat becomes the problem, as it makes us react to the protein. There is more processing in gluten free products, so I know this is not the long term answer in regaining our health. Please refer to detox menu B for more info. We also then can become more magnesium deficient!
Fermented Foods/Drinks: (produce more free glutamic acid, even home made)
This includes all cured meats, any cheeses (esp parmesan), yoghurts, any vinegars (malt the worst), most coffee, and black tea undergoes fermentation, most cocoa and most chocolate also undergo a fermentation process. Raw options of these would be fine, but hard to get, (we now make our own) most raw organic chocolate often add agave syrup which can be hydrolysed (GOO). Broths/stocks (including homemade ones), sauerkraut, pickled foods, kefir (fermented milk), alcohol, fermented soy, etc. Some processed fish oils can also undergo fermentation.
Any Synthetic Goos:
Please refer to my book Jenna’s Journey, or my website links page re msg truths and truth in labelling for these long lists of foods/products. Also have a free downloadable top 10 list on my web home page.
Naturally Higher Free Glutamic Foods:
Any soy products, mushrooms, seaweed type foods, shellfish, tomato products (yes that means tomato sauce), most bought powdered spices/foods. Peas and corn are moderately high too, so just to be aware of for those who are more sensitive.
Other foods to avoid whilst detoxing:
Chemical raising agents, processed sugars. Soy, cottonseed, canola, rice bran oils. GE foods, this info again is in my goo free list. For some avoid eating raw onion (these foods are best cooked)
Ensure to not over heat or over cook your food.

Basically the closer the product/food is to its natural state the less glutamic acid formed. The old saying “FRESH and WHOLE IS BEST” is so TRUE. The more processing or overheating of a food the more it denatures the proteins of that food which increases the glutamic acid level, hence why I believe we are so over GOO`d, which can lead to many diseases. Too much free gluatmic acid speeds up the aging process, so it’s any wonder why our young are developing many “older” diseases than ever before.

Sticking to seasonal food is also important when you can.

Meds and Supplements:
Fear and Guilt can stop us reaching our full potential, this is the hardest thing for most people to address.
I always believe to try the food 110% first before racing off for band aid treatments. We have seemed to have lost FAITH with our foods. If then things are not quite right then there can be a place for these. We are all too hasty looking for the icing before we have given a chance for the cake to rise. I no longer need pills and potions as I have fine tuned everything with the food, and I have complete FAITH and peace with this, that gives me strength physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Obviously if you are on some pills and potions your body won`t be able to give its TRUE test. However in some situations it is not wise to go cold turkey off prescribed meds without checking with your doctor first. Maybe over time these can be weaned off, slowly but surely, especially if you follow the detox plan carefully.
Be aware that many supplements are coated in a gelatin capsule, which is another goo form. Many antibiotics contain aspartame. Many vaccines contain hydrolysed gelatin. These are all GOO`s.

This definitely means taking a leap of FAITH to be able to say no to these, but to also know there is a contingency plan! I have found by doing the opposite of what the world tells us (especially health wise) has worked well for us and many others

Taking complete control of your own health is key, but you must become more informed so you have inner peace and confidence with what you are doing and why. Many things can disrupt this balance, esp if you are more sensitive. Including most commercial care products. Again if it ain`t good enough to eat, it ain`t good enough for your skin! Keeping it simple is always best!

Prevention (by avoiding becoming over goo`d) is the Best Medicine.
Because I do this I no longer look for disease, as I believe I have found TRUE health and vitality.
The grass is definitely greener on the other side.............


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For a list of better food and personal care options please refer to WHOO HOO choice label and product pages.

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Free business card size printable "GOO" list to avoid when purchasing foods/drinks, pills/potions and or personal care products.
Just pack it in your wallet and read all labels before you buy


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