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Hi Rachel

I have been meaning for soooooo long to give a testimonial for the wonderful help I received from you last year which literally saved my sanity. My eczema was mainly restricted to my hands and my eye lids - both quite debilitating. My hands were permanently red raw and infected and had to be bandaged, while my eye lids would puff up to the point that some days it was difficult to see past them. Steriods and antibiotics were short term 'cures' and loosing their effectiveness. I really wanted to find the reason and an answer for my eczema. I was tired of the doctor's "band-aid" approach. Thank goodness I discovered your website when googling one night - it changed my life. Eight months after I started the woo hoo way my hands were healed and I felt normal again! The before and after photos attached probably illustrate better than words my journey. Thanks so much Rachel for all your encouragement along the way - you're a star. I have to say too, I've never felt better generally and my nails, skin and hair haven't been in such great condition since I can ever remember. As well, at the same time I was battling my ezcema my young daughter was having to cope with a horrible, horrible case of blastocystis which she had had since she was three (she's six now). Countless trips to the doctors had done nothing to rid her of this disgusting parasite and I was getting so depressed seeing her in such discomfort and not being able to find anything that would get rid of it. Amazingly after only a week on the woo hoo diet she was absolutely free of this parasite! I still cannot believe it - it was just so easy. Miracle can be an overused word - but that's what it feels like. So from both of us - thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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