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                    How to eat Healthy and SAVE money

I decided to write this article because it astounds me how so many people spend large amounts on their weekly grocery bill?

Most think that buying healthier would blow their budget. However I know this is not true, and even now that my time is more precious and have less hours in the kitchen, even convenience the WHOO HOO way costs less. My average weekly spend would be between $160 to $190 a week including meat, and this is now not including home baking, but buying convenience for up to 5 people each week.

Here`s my WHOO HOO grocery list: (retail price)

Organic goo free bread x3 loaves @ $5.20 per loaf = $15.60

Coconut cream x 3 tins @ $2.70 each = $8.10

Organic Fruit and Honey Loaf = $7.50

Cream = $3.00

Butter = $4.50

Organic dried fruits = $7.00

Organic nuts = $5.00

Organic spuds = $4.00

Spray free silverbeet = $1.50

Spray free brocolli = $3.00

Spray free pumpkin = $1.00

Spray free garlic = $2.00

Organic oats = $4.70

Organic honey 1kg = $10.90

Dripping = $2.80

Fish from local fish shop = $20.00

Local meat = $20.00

Tinned salmon = $5.00

Seasonings = $2.50

Organic apples 1kg = $2.90

Organic bananas 1kg = $4.60

Organic chips 1kg = $5.20

Peanut butter = $8.00

Organic pasta/rice = $5.00

Raw and organic cocoa, tea, coffee weekly ave = $10.00

Dozen free range eggs = $4.00

Raw milk 1 L = $1.50

Total = $169.30

Toiletries I only spend on goo free toothpaste, deodorant, use coconut oil as a moisturiser, organic cotton tampons, goo free shampoo, conditioner and soaps. Weekly average $10.00 approx.

Cleaning costs average $7.00 weekly

For those little luxuries my convenience goo free;

tomato sauce = $7.80, and WHOO HOO anzac biscuits $3.90

These foods satisfy you, so go a long way. Not to mention the great taste and no Dr`s bills. Plus buying in season and buying locally as much as you can also reduce costs. Now if I was in the kitchen more and growing my own veggies, imagine the extra saving then.......something for me to work towards.

I hope this shows that its the quality rather than the quantity of what food you buy that keeps your grocery budget more manageable.....WHOO HOO!!

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