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In my younger years I had a friend just like this, she could eat all the pizza, cakes and pastries, take-aways and many other “naughty” foods. She didn’t even have to exercise to stay as thin as a pin. I used to think she was very lucky. Whereas I, from my late teens had to be cautious as the “weight’ used to stack on.

There are many reasons this can happen;

Firstly some of us are genetically gifted and are born with less fat cells and have “speedier” metabolisms. However even so, this can definitely slow down as we age. The average age for this to happen is between 27 to 35 yrs. For me it was about 17yrs and for others it could be in their 50`s before they notice their clothes getting tighter.

From experience I think those who are born with more “fat cells” in a way are luckier as they realise exercise is the key. I put exercise into practice from a younger age, so it has become a habit. My friend who used to eat what she liked and not exercise got a rude awakening in her late twenties, where she actually then had to break some “old” habits to actually speed up her “slowing” metabolism.

Secondly it is very important to think ourselves thin but the more we diet the more we are telling our subconscious mind we are fat, plus physically we are actually slowing our metabolic rate, because muscle is often lost. Then the yo-yo mode is set in and it will get harder each time you repeat it. We need lean muscle to actually burn fat!

Obviously we need to focus differently, see how you want to be rather than blaming your extra weight on a slow metabolism or genetically being born this way. Personally I never accepted the fact that I would end up overweight just because of genetics, instead I focussed and visualised the new me, and never let go of that thought. However I had to put certain steps into play to achieve my new self-image…QUALITY FOOD (FUEL) and QUALITY EXERCISE (TO BURN FAT).

Thirdly we are so focussed as a society to be thin but is this TRUE health? I know a lot of thin people who are lethargic, have no muscle tone (or saggy skin), anaemic and have other health issues too. We seem to think all our problems will disappear by being “thinner”. Sometimes thin people cannot explain their “weight” loss. Then they have the suggestion to go and eat all the fattening foods to gain a few pounds. Often this does not work. This can be due to the fact that the foods they are eating may be high in calories but have very little nutrition so do not get absorbed by the gut. There are finger like hairs (villi) that line the gut wall, these sometimes can get damaged, often due to the poor diet we now consume. The villis job is to catch the food and absorb it. However if they are damaged the villi are flattened and cannot catch the food efficiently, often with the important nutrients going down the loo. Hence why we can stay thin…lethargic, anaemic, etc. This can be reversed, but only if you get rid of the “junk” (goo) or processed non-traditional foods and funny enough I know you can help repair the gut (villi) with saturated fat!

True health and focus has to come from within. Seek the TRUTH and you will shine both inside and out…WHOO HOO!!

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