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Baby formula alternatives?

So many mums have asked me now what would be the best formula to choose, as they can no longer breast feed.
There seems to be a growing number of mums finding it very difficult to breastfeed, again I believe this is to do with our chemical ridden foods, excitotoxins (GOO) in particular that do have an effect with hormones.
My first response to this, especially to those who want to continue to breastfeed, would be to follow the principles on the detox page from my book Jenna`s Journey, as I believe this is a natural way to help build up your milk supply, so both mother and baby are contented. However if this is not possible I still would not advise any baby formula, as all of them contain GOO, and depending on the sensitivity level of the baby how well he or she can tolerate it. Though I guess today we have “normalised” reflux, bowel issues, unsettled crying babies as part of what babies do. Then of course we go to the doctor and are prescribed medication for these complaints, not ever looking for the reason or asking why? However if you feel it`s necessary to go this way, I would introduce good quality solid foods as soon as you can, and to wean off the formulas sooner rather than later.
If you know my story with Jenna`s Journey, then breast milk can still be harmful if the mother is not eating right, this is how I discovered the truth, because my so called “healthy” diet was the cause of Jenna`s health issues. Once I got rid of the goo, she was healed. I radically changed my diet!
I have had many mothers on the phone to me with babies reacting firstly to the breast milk, so then they put them onto a “dairy” formula, with no success, so then after their doctor`s advice went to a “soy” formula, with some pretty horrific experiences with vomiting, diarrhoea and very unsettled and unhappy babies. When they have called me, is whilst they are waiting to see the paediatrician (FOR THEIR HYPOALLERGENIC FORMULAS, "Neocate" is one of them) and they are at their wits ends just hoping there could be an easier solution. All they are wanting is to enjoy their babies, as it shouldn`t be this complicated!
My advice is what I would now do, so quite simply said, (if breastfeeding is not an option) I would get access to either RAW goats or cow`s milk. Obviously this is quite fearful to hear, as they are told this is dangerous and definitely not a good option to give to their young babies. However they thought at this stage it was worth a try. The stories are all the same.......fear for a start, but for the first time in ages their babies are settled from that very first drink of RAW milk. It was just fortunate that they didn`t go down the “hypoallergenic” formula track as these cost over $100 (fortnight) whereas raw milk is only $1.50 a litre. Many mums I have now met who have had their babies on these “expert” complicated formulas have found that when introducing foods to their babies it became a problem as had ended up with some major allergies. It becomes a vicious circle and is far harder to get out once we are in the tail spin!

We have lost a lot of FAITH with our natural food and seem to have been manipulated by going the only route we know and that seems to be the science based one.
No baby formula`s should be included as “dairy” or otherwise, as they are far from dairy as you could possibly get. Dairy is only counted if it can MOO, which is straight from the udder!

By the way it is actually possible to find yourself a “wet” nurse, (someone else to breastfeed your baby). Years ago this was a common practice. It can even be done with a non-pregnant woman, check out this link
If anyone has been watching the news lately there was a story about a dog nursing orphaned kittens, here is the link dog -and-her- kittens

Doesn`t this just prove that mother-nature knows best! It`s definitely far simpler and not to mention cheaper!

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Free business card size printable "GOO" list to avoid when purchasing foods/drinks, pills/potions and or personal care products.
Just pack it in your wallet and read all labels before you buy


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