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How chemical sensitive are we?

Many people say to me now that because myself and our children choose to eliminate foods with the “added extra`s” (that most of us have without realising), will actually make us more sensitive to these chemicals.
I find this comment a little odd, that we as a society are ok with eating and drinking chemicals to “help” our immune systems tolerate these “unnecessary” additives. People seem to think because the majority of the population consume these additives, then we must be the “weak” or “unlucky” ones.
You really have to ask yourself; do you need to take medications or supplements? Most of the population need something to counteract acid reflux, insomnia, bowel problems, headaches, migraines, hay-fever, allergies, behavioural problems, depression, vertigo and many other illnesses/diseases.
I have just been talking to someone who`s baby was diagnosed with a rare “modern genetic” blood disorder.....cause unknown. She nearly died and is still on the mend. There seems to be a lot of new “modern” disorders and our young are suffering a lot.
I am sure for example if you noticed on your orange juice label that this contains a very small trace of “arsenic” (but also states within a proven scientific safe range), you would think twice about buying it! Then you noticed your bread also had the same label, this now contains a small trace of “arsenic” (but don`t worry it`s been scientifically proven to be within safe limits). Then all the usual food you buy also had the small trace of arsenic added.....with of course the scientific reassurance note.
Now the trouble is, have these scientific reassurance notes measured what could happen if you eat all of these foods with the same small trace of “safe level of arsenic” every day, for the next year or 5 years or 10 years? I would say not!
I personally wouldn`t even like “arsenic” for a treat, as I don`t believe we were designed to eat any type of chemicals. Maybe when we eat chemicals we just may need to treat ourselves with chemicals to “fix” our “modern” headaches, migraines, acid reflux, insomnia, bowel problems, allergies, behavioural problems, depression, vertigo and many other “modern illnesses”!
Believe me they may not be labelled as arsenic but there are many hidden chemical excitotoxins (MSG, HVP and Aspartame) that are in our foods that have been independently researched to show us they are doing harm......more than what you would expect. Here is just one link that you may want to see for yourself
The good news is there is a solution, my book Jenna`s Journey and Better Grocery Shop DVD , will now guide you in the direction of WHOO HOO food and personal care products that I like to use, that I know is far better for our health. My next real nutrition seminar is in Timaru Thurs 19 th Feb 7pm.
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The only way the “arsenic” will stop is if YOU the consumer makes a stand and says NO to the GOO!!

Join me, so you and your family can........... WHOO HOO!!

Rachel x


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