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2009 the time to change!

New Year`s resolutions are upon us and is time to see how we can improve our health and well-being.
However before starting a plan, it really needs to be one that will last more than just a few months and pays to focus on our inner health rather than how we look on the outside. For the outside to become well for the long-term we have to get our inside health right first.
Once you focus this way the rest just falls into place.
From personal experiences I was always on a diet because I was so focused on vanity; worrying about every flaw. The guilt and fear of what I was eating was a real pain. I know if I had a bit too much of the “naughtier” foods I was tormented by guilt and had to do at least an hour of exercise to compensate and then decided not to eat for the rest of the day.
Since I have had children and 2 girls in particular, I don`t want them fearing food and having a love, hate relationship with food throughout their young and adult lives.
Once I changed my eating ways and started focusing on my inner well-being, I was amazed how REAL food actually has power to heal my vertigo, healed our daughter`s food allergies and eczema, cutting down on GP and physio visits for myself and our children, given me vitality and WHOO HOO energy, maintained a healthy weight, no longer having fear or guilt (which is the best feeling ever) when I am eating, a lot more confidence and best of all being a good role model for our children. Before starting your new road to health you have to ask yourself this; is it helping our children`s future too?
Low fat diets and the latest “quick fix diet” to lose 10kgs in a few weeks just won`t break the cycle!
We need to make a stand, not only for ourselves but for our future generations.
Believe me once you know how, the TRUTH will set you free........ WHOO HOO!!

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