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WHOO HOO.......parties can still be FUN

Our eldest daughter Renee is almost 7yrs and she has been invited to many birthday parties. Personally after learning and knowing the difference with REAL food, I am saddened that our young children are being exposed to all this “GOO”. Parents thinking of course it`s their special day so they deserve lots of treats.

Typical party food is usually commercialised synthetic chemicals that are wrapped in “bright” colours and marketed as something delicious and fun for our unsuspecting children and parents!

Parents would not give a lollipop coated in “round-up” to their child no matter how pretty it looked, as we know this is a poisonous chemical. From my point of view I look at most party food as “round-up!” I don`t count these “pretend” foods as treats.

So what`s the solution? Basically it means a little bit more time in the kitchen preparing your own treats that do not contain the “GOO”.
This is my typical party menu that we do for our children, so they can enjoy their treat foods without being sick or downright “cranky” for the next few days.
Homemade (using goo free ingredients); caramels, hokey pokey, goo free chips and dip (fruit and savoury), fruit and cheese kebabs, WHOO HOO toasties on WHOO HOO bread, fruit dipped in WHOO HOO chocolate, pikelets jam n cream, sweet and savoury popcorn, banana birthday cake with WHOO HOO icing (brown sugar, butter and cream) and water or WHOO HOO orange juice.

Not only do the kids love this food, but so do all the parents. Plus doing it this way is better on the budget. WHOO HOO treat foods can still be FUN and obviously far healthier than eating all that usual “GOO”. Believe me the little extra time spent in the kitchen is well worth it........WHOO HOO!!

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