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There is plenty of advertising in regards to preventing disease (once you reach a certain age) via yearly smear tests, breast examinations, mammograms, vaccinations, bone density testing, cholesterol and other blood tests, blood pressure monitoring, surgery to name some of our common investigations in conventional disease prevention.

When you really think about it, it`s like we are seeking “disease” and it`s definitely not a form of prevention. I can understand why these methods are necessary, as when I see some people`s supermarket trolleys it is a waiting game before some disease will develop. Prevention to me does start in the supermarket trolley, we need to seek the answers why and take back some of that control.

I feel I have that control back and when this happens, the fear goes and you have peace and confidence with your body, because of this I no longer seek disease and I no longer have my “regular” check-ups. However I am not saying for you to do the same, I just feel we need to be more educated with what we put in our bodies, so we can finally do some TRUE prevention, to avoid the heartache that many families are going through.

The power of the mind is also very powerful and we are teaching our subconscious to half expect at some stage that we will get something nasty as the test you are undergoing is looking for disease.

Obviously I know what you are thinking as if we ‘catch” it early, by doing regular tests we have a greater chance of beating the disease, and obviously this is true for some, but not for all. I still think we have better chance and not to have to go through such radical treatment if we check our foundations more carefully and often the SIMPLE things work best.

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