In a busy life, fitness and health can be put at the bottom of the list. Would you go on a world trip without knowing where you were going, what you wanted to experience or without planning your time to make sure you fitted everything in?
Why then do we forget to plan the most important aspects of our life's journey?

We are not only physical but also spiritual and emotional beings. We need to allow time for work, family, leisure, social contact & solitude, time to plan, reflect and rejuvenate.

A person who runs a business, has a family, volunteers at their local church and is a recreational triathlete, has the same amount of hours in his/her day as someone who says they have no time to exercise or eat/cook quality foods as they're too tired after working a full day. 24 hours, that's all any of us get!

We don't expect you to commit to endless hours of exercise or cooking over a hot stove; it's getting the mix right that counts.


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