Nutrition and Health

You are what you eat, is true!

I will inform you of what really is in the food you are eating, as well as opening your eyes to a few hidden truths! Quality food is the key to long term health, reducing the risk of obesity and its associated diseases.


Topics we cover:

  • Quality exercise, rather than quantity.
  • As a nation we eat low fat but are becoming fatter and sicker at younger and younger ages.
  • Identifying hidden chemicals in your food (healthy or not) that can trigger diseases, including eczemas, allergies, obesity, modern bowel diseases, neurological and many more!
  • Personal care and cleaning products in which some have cancer-causing ingredients that you and your family are being exposed to more and more. Plus showing you the healthier alternatives that cost far less!
  • Motivational and inspirational personal stories to help you stay on track!
  • Plus much more!


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