Rachel's story

Rachel before and after
Rachel before and Rachel after.

"WHOO HOO", I am Rachel Tomkinson, 37 years young and I am the owner and director of Better Bods Better Health alongside my business partner Juliearna Kavanagh.

I have been involved in the fitness industry for over 18 years and I am passionate about motivating and informing others of the key ingredients towards achieving a BETTER BOD from the inside out!

I am a qualified nurse, personal trainer, fitness/boxercise instructor, massage therapist and a wife and mother of 2 young girls.

Through my own personal health experiences including being over-weight and unwell at 90kgs, I now know how to keep this off for the long term, which includes quality exercise (especially my unique concept BAND FIT/resistance exercise) topped up with quality fuel food, so you actually burn fat rather than store it!

My template after many years of research has helped myself and many of our clients to achieve BETTER HEALTH.
Check out our "Success Stories" page.

The great news is once you do know the keys; you only need to quality exercise 2 to 3 times per week consistently (30 to 45 mins each session), so it becomes a part of your life rather than ruling your life! Quality food becomes your friend rather than your foe.

Vitality rather than vanity is the key to help you on your way, and then the outer rewards will come if we focus from the inside first!

I feel I can inspire you to add a few more "WHOO HOO's" to your day, come on... I know you CAN do it!!

  • Are you sick of dieting, without achieving long-term results?
  • Are you lacking energy and self-esteem?
  • Are you often unwell?
  • Would you like to learn the truth about what is really healthy?
  • Are you ready toget a BETTER BOD? Call or register today and soon you will be able to WHOO HOO !!


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