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                             Beyond the Norm?

When I was doing the “norm” re diet wise, we were sick. I suppose sickness and diseases such as cancer, heart disease, celiac disease, other bowel diseases, epilepsy, depression, infertility, allergies and skin diseases ( to name a few) really have become the “norm” today.
Today’s “normal” foods such as margarine, soy milk, canola oil, low fat and many other processed foods that can contain hidden forms of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) or “More Sad Goo” such as: extracts, milk solids, anything hydrogenated, enzymes anything, modified starches, anything hydrolysed, glutamic acid, aspartic acid, carrageenan, whey protein, maltodextrin, malt barley extract and anything enriched to name a few seem to be widely accepted (or maybe ignored)by the majority of the population.
However when I decided to go beyond the norm I was amazingly freed from consistent vertigo, constipation and bad flatulence. Our daughter Jenna`s severe eczema and 24 food allergies have gone and have found that the CURE is in the prevention. If we go back to the “norm” it’s not long before our symptoms return. It seems that just by eliminating what I now call the “GOO” foods/drinks/pills and potions that we were SIMPLY healed. The food we used to eat was rather complicated and it’s any wonder we had complicated problems! I now tend to eat what our grandparents did, it was simple back then.
So why is it that what we now do; eat butter, drink REAL milk, cook with dripping and eat foods that just contain ingredients that we understand, that gets looked upon as strange or beyond the norm?
Maybe we are listening to and being fed the WRONG information?
You have got to keep it simple, ask yourself how did this product you are about to consume come about, like how do you get milk from a soy bean? There is no such thing as a soy cow!
Lincoln Nutritionists think its “normal” to feed livestock chocolates and or soft or hard boiled sweets. James and Son (stock feed agents) website ( ) even mention that we are doing a good thing for the environment as these “second” sweets from Cadburys are no longer clogging up the landfills.
I do seminars for varying groups including primary schools. I asked some of these 10 year olds “what do you give cows to eat”? They replied; grass, hay and barley. I asked them back; “would you give them chocolates or sweets”? They all laughed at me and thought that was a great joke, just goes to show you ,you don`t have to be a “Lincoln Nutritionist” to know common sense! These kids were horrified to know that this was actually happening.
By going “beyond the norm” you may be pleasantly surprised to find that most of our modern diseases seem to only exist if we stick to the “norm”.
I know my HEALTH gives me WEALTH, so there is no turning back. Simple but radical changes are the keys, and then the stealth disease becomes a choice when you know the TRUTH.

“Jenna`s Journey” led us to beyond the norm and it works for us......WHOO HOO!!

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