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Give us our Daily Bread??

I think most would have heard this prayer but it`s so amazing how so many are now struggling to abide by these simple words. Our daily bread today seems to be the enemy to thousands of people, young and old alike.
It appears to be another “modern” problem. Why on earth does something so right become so wrong?
Most of these folk I have come across used to eat the common “supermarket” types of bread before they gave up their “daily bread” due to health/weight issues.
I personally have found there are really not too many “righteous” bread`s available that are both healthy and taste good.
After much researching, talking to my grandparents and looking back in old cook books the news is bread was made very differently.
They used to make food with love, rather than industrialised equipment.
Their flours were fresh and far superior quality. I have met several farmers lately and the stories I have heard in regards to storage of common flours and having to fumigate with plenty of chemicals to rid the bugs is a disgrace.
But wait there is more; most of our breads we buy have added soy flour, processed vegetable oils and many other bits and bobs to add flavour, shelf life, etc.
Even our yeast has changed since my Grandmas time; they used to use “Fresh Compressed Yeast”. The old Edmonds Cooking Book`s, always showed this for baking. Our dried yeasts only came about because again we want things to last longer on the supermarket shelves, as fresh compressed yeast only lasts 2 to 3 weeks and must be refrigerated. But sadly these quick more profitable fixes, just maybe compromising our health.
The good news is you can still make your daily bread with a little love rather than a whole lot of love like it had to be done in grandma`s time. I think it`s nice to be able to use traditional foods in a modern way so we don`t have to spend hours in the kitchen. I use our bread-maker, but use quality organic flours, fresh compressed yeast, water, quality unprocessed salt, raw organic honey and butter. It only takes me 5 minutes to prepare. Now you are probably thinking it`s cheaper to buy a production line loaf? Well that depends on if you think $1.30(approx) is expensive for home made, nutritious and delicious bread?
Just maybe the old way of doing things is the “right” way. This bread is very filling and one to two slices I have found is enough. With the bread we used to buy, I was never full (could easily eat 6 slices at a time) and tummy bloating was very common, until I learnt the TRUTH!!
The TRUTH is thank you for our daily “traditional” bread...........made chemically and additive free in our little magic bread-maker ” WHOO HOO”

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