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                             Raw Milk vs Cigarettes

What is the difference between these two? Basically one is legal and one is not. As crazy as it may seem the milk straight from the cow is the illegal one if purchased away from the farm and/ or if you buy more than 5 litres at a time from the farm gate. Believe me as tax payers we fund the public health snoops to ensure this law is enforced.
It`s odd that you can purchase cigarettes from the corner “dairy”, but not REAL milk.

The amazing thing is I haven`t heard or read anywhere where people have died or resulted with serious long term illnesses from drinking raw milk. My goodness, my grandparents used to drink it straight from the udder and they are well into their 80`s.

Yet there are piles and piles of evidence in regards to the harm that smoking can cause, which I am sure we are all familiar with. But because we live in “democracy”, we still have that choice to light up or not. Our modern ways are so ludicrous that even though smoking has been proven harmful it is still a legal trade to have within your own home, etc. So this is where I ask the question why is raw milk illegal? Again in “democracy” we still should be allowed to choose, especially since raw milk does provide these proven benefits; (Below information provided by )

Vitamins --all 100% available, Vitamin A--fat soluble, Vitamin D--fat soluble, Vitamin E--fat soluble, Vitamin K--fat soluble, Vitamin B--Complex: Vitamin Bw—Biotin, Vitamin B –Choline, Vitamin Bc --Folic Acid, Vitamin B1 –Thiamine, Vitamin B2 –Inositol, Vitamin B2 --Nicotinic Acid, Vitamin B2 –Riboflavin, Vitamin B2 --Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B3 –Niacin, Vitamin B6 –Pyridoxine, Vitamin B12—Cyanocobalamin, Vitamin C, Antineuritic vitamin
Minerals --all 100% metabolically available.
Protein --100% metabolically available; all 22 amino acids, including the 8 that are essential for the complete metabolism and function of protein.
Enzymes , catalase, peroxidase and phosphatase are present. Phosphates are needed to split and assimilate the mineral salts in foods that are in the form of phytates. Wulzen Factor (anti-stiffness) available.
X Factor (now believed to be vitamin K 2 ) in tissue repair available.

Just maybe this stuff is too healthy? If we are not eating or drinking the REAL stuff it`s any wonder we need our daily pills and potions!

It`s very important to drink raw milk from healthy cows (the milk we access, is consumed by the same farmer as well). Milk before it is dispatched is tested for TB and many other diseases, and if it`s not up to scratch, even before its pasteurised, it gets dumped. So Fonterra only takes the healthy milk anyway! There should be no FEAR, like we are led to believe. Our baby Rhys even drinks the RAW milk for his supper now that he is weaned.
Interestingly raw milk only costs between $1.00 to $1.50 a litre for the real stuff, with the real vitamins, enzymes and minerals retained, without fortification, especially in regards to vitamin D. This can be lost during processing, so then they often add the synthetic vitamin D, this is so we can absorb the calcium from the milk. This to me just does not make sense! Mother nature has provided it to us perfectly, so our bodies can assimilate it how it needs why interfere?
I think it is always PROFIT before PEOPLE, and this just does not work for the long term.

It`s about time we get REAL in more ways than one..........WHOO HOO!!

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