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                         MSG and fermentation

Fermented foods and drinks have been around for a very long time, and have been said to aid many health issues such as allergies and even cancers. I do believe there are definitely health benefits with good quality fermented products with some individuals.
However there are some folk who will react to fermented products due to the higher levels of free glutamates. This seems to be more apparent today thanks to all the “synthetic free glutamic acid” (GOO) from all the highly processed foods/drinks/medications/supplements/vaccines we have been exposed to.
Everyone seems to have a limit to what they can tolerate, for those who are super- sensitive (have met quite a few of these people now) fermented foods such as kefir, sauerkraut, fermented meats, broths, stocks, cheese (especially parmesan), vinegars, alcohol to name a few, may just put them over the edge to having a reaction. Whereas others can tolerate large amounts of fermented foods with no apparent problem. However these same people who can tolerate fermented foods well may react to the synthetic free glutamic acid (GOO) from many industrial processed foods, as this synthetic form seems to contribute especially to glutamate overload.
Latest research from the World Health Organisation has mentioned there is definitely a link with alcohol and breast cancer. This makes sense as alcohol is a fermented product and too much of the free glutamates can interfere with hormones and oestrogens.
L-Glutamine is an important amino acid that is required for many bodily functions, however if there is an overload Dr Blaylock (neurosurgeon) from the USA explains that our bodies contain numerous glutamate receptors throughout the body including all organs and tissues, the entire GI tract from the oesophagus to the colon, the entire electrical conducting system of the heart, the lungs, the ovaries, all the reproductive systems and sperm, adrenal glands, bones, pancreas and the brain. So once there is an overload of GOO or free glutamates then this is where our bodily systems can start going a bit haywire! For example after eating GOO or if you are sensitive to fermented foods with high glutamates then this explains why some people may get explosive diarrhoea and indigestion. This is because it has stimulated all of the glutamate receptors in the small bowel and oesophagus. If you continue consuming to this high level then the accumulation effect has been shown to lead the body to more of a disease state, including many cancers.
For those undergoing the detox from Jenna`s Journey I would avoid fermented products and then after that period just to ensure to not go overboard with these products if you think you are more sensitive.
To all people who are interested in bettering their health, it’s best to avoid GOO in its many hidden forms (synthetic free glutamic acid) as much as possible, because it seems inevitable that there will be a time that you too may succumb to the toxic effects from these unnecessary excitototoxins that are flooding everyday foods/drinks/pills and potions, etc, which in turn is making us more sensitive to REAL foods.

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