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A lot of people have been asking me what is quick, easy, and nutritious to eat that the whole family will enjoy at the same time. The more we can stay clear of packet and processed foods the better for all our health.

We believe in natural, fresh and unprocessed foods as much as possible.

The quicker the food goes off the better! All cooked dishes are made with natural fats and no polyunsaturated oils will be used. Olive oil I like to use for salads. The recipes we are giving you are main meals either for lunch or tea weekdays. 

These recipes are just as quick to prepare as popping a packet of “plastic” food in the microwave. The only difference being is awesome taste and flavour that will re-ignite your taste buds into a frenzy!

We have also some "scrummy" treat dishes you can enjoy for the weekend or for those kids lunches. We all deserve a reward when you quality exercise and eat well during the week.

Again these recipes are made without any artificial sweeteners, colours, oils or high sugars.

Organic Food

Rachel likes to buy organic and raw food as much as possible, especially baking needs and fresh produce. I like to purchase organic stoneground flours, baking powder, cocoa, dried fruits, raw nuts, essences, spices, butter, full fat yoghurts, cheeses, milk, dripping, coconut oil, eggs, fresh meats, naturally cured bacon and sausages with no "nasties", etc.

By doing this, we are treating our bodies with TRUE life giving foods that satisfy and nourish us. We are no longer subjected to MSG, preservatives, colours, flavourings, trans fats, polyunstaurated vegetable oils (plastic fats), nitrates, sulphites that are definately attributing to todays modern diseases.
Treat your body as a temple with quality ingredients........rather than a shack down the back with poor cheap subsitutes.
Or in other words WHOO HOO food rather than BOO HOO food!!

We have saved money by doing this both short and long term, our grocery bill for a family of four including meat averages $150 (NZ) per week. My girls and I have not been to the doctor, physio or have the need to buy expensive supplements, medications or even make-up, like we once did. Believe me the "special" discounted food items added up to be very costly both short and long term. 

So here are some great recipes that will help you achieve a Better Bod ... Enjoy!! Note all recipes using stock are home made, these are available on "general" page.


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