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What if homosexuality is biological rather than hard-wired?

For quite some time I have wondered if homosexuality is a result of our modern foods? This really come to the forefront when I was watching a program interviewing women who had no homosexual tendencies until they reached their 40`s. Up to then they were happily married, had children but found over time they were attracted sexually to the same sex (to me this sounded like a side effect from the accumulation of having too much GOO).
Obviously in today’s world we look at these people as “closet” gays and they are not being truthful to themselves or their families.
However with the last 6 years of my own studies I do know that our food has changed significantly in the last 100 years and many of these foods can interrupt the body’s hormonal balances.
Soy for instance is found in many foods, including most commercially made bread, infant formulas, processed meats, and soy sauces to name just a few. Then of course many women in particular resort to “soy” foods and drinks as the so called healthy alternative.
Even in earlier Bible times, homosexuality resulted from excess wine. This really got me thinking as I know the fermentation from alcohol produces a large amount of “free glutamates” which can interfere with our neurons in our brain.

We all know how excess alcohol can lead to abnormal behaviour!
Sadly most of our modern synthetic foods also have an excess of free glutamates. So when we continue to consume these free glutamates, our bodies, including our hormones, can go a bit haywire...... and then we can lose control. Our body organs can assume more or less a state of “drunkenness”. Let’s face it; I am sure homosexuality has increased a lot in these last 100 years. I don`t think we could have hidden it as we believe happened long ago.
For instance soy in its natural state contains a very high level of free glutamate. When we process this in varying forms it just releases more free glutamates that our body just does not like, and things start to go hay wire!
I came across a study in the Science Daily (Dec 10 2007) that finally confirmed my suspicions. A team of neurobiologists had studied fruit flies. They found that they could turn the flies' homosexuality tendencies on or off, within hours. Changing the amount of glutamate outside the cells changes the strength of nerve cell junctions, or synapses, which play a key role in human and animal behaviour. Basically they were showing homosexual behaviour because their glutamatergic synapses were altered in some way. These scientists then fed the flies drugs to alter the glutamate levels (I call these GOO receptors) and as predicted, they were able to turn the homosexuality on and off.
Watch out as this could be the next big drug seller?
Maybe all we have to do is stop eating the GOO (excess free glutamates). I am sure most people would not choose to be homosexual. Just maybe it’s worth taking a serious look at what we are eating, as science has already proved it is related to the GOO.

Are we being told the whole TRUTH? Are synthetic drugs becoming the modern answer for most things? If so, is it time we started asking WHY?

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