Jenna's Journey BB Prevents Disease

Hi, I am Rachel Tomkinson. I am a qualified Nurse, Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor and Massage Therapist. Once I became a mother of 2 beautiful girls our whole lives changed. My youngest daughter developed severe eczema and had 24 food allergies (which she no longer has). I found PREVENTION was the CURE. To achieve better health I had to go out of my comfort zone and investigate another side that has never been taught to me. This took over 4 years of my own personal research. I used to think I was doing everything right; eating healthy, breastfeeding, keeping fit, etc, but we were often sick. Now my girls and I are taking the non-conventional approach and I can truly say we are HEALTHY. My message is to become informed, as knowledge is power. I hope Jenna`s Journey may make your journey a whole lot better......WHOO HOO!!
  • Author: Rachel Tomkinson
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