Debbie M (Body more toned)

Date: Dec 06


Age: 42

My decision to do the Lifestyle Commitment course was because i needed to be able to fit exercise into a busy life as a working Mum. I didn't bank on just how balanced my life would become.

My energy levels are just so high due to the natural, nutritious food and the balance of exercise.

Nutrition and exercise effect EVERYTHING both physical and mental and I find myself feeling very balanced and very happy.

One of the most exciting things is that it is so easy and I know I will maintain this because it is a commitment and it is a lifestyle that works for both me and my family.

Some of the information (you become aware of just how many toxins we are exposed to each day) is not easy to digest but it is powerful and I feel assured that my knowledge empowers me to set a healthier foundation for my growing children. A nice wee benefit also is a body that just keeps getting that little bit more toned all the time and you can make a stand against gravity!

Thank YOU Rach. You are a true inspiration and your passion and commitment to what you believe in and sharing that with others is awe-inspiring.

I feel so fortunate to have discovered a "big" person in a small town like Timaru!!!


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